David R Newman

PhD Work: Nine Month Progress Report

A copy of my Nine Month Progress Report can be downloaded here. Below is a the abstract for this report.

How Semantic Web Knowledge Technologies Might Improve Natural Language Querying Systems

Natural Language (NL) querying has an extensive history, which this report reviews to determine what constitutes a NL querying system. It then examines Semantic Web (SW) knowledge technologies and considers how these may be used to improve an NL querying system. This report looks at the CombeChem project for an example of how these knowledge technologies can be used. Then it describes the partial implementation of a NL querying system using SW knowledge technologies. The report concludes by considering some applications that may benefit from this type of of NL querying system and how, through the use of ontologies, some of the inherent flaws in existing NL querying systems can be resolved. The report finishes my laying out a plan for future work.

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